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Residential Fencing Repairs and Installation

Do you have a fence on your property that is in shambles and in need of repair? Does your new house need a new fence installed around the perimeter? Are you looking to pressure wash or paint an existing fence on your property? Chances are if you have an existing fence on your property it is going to need to be repaired at some point. If you do not have a fence surrounding your property, it is a good idea to install one for more security and privacy from others. Florida Fencing wants to take care of all of your fencing needs. We supply, install, paint and pressure wash all types of fences depending on what you need.


The experts at Florida Fencing have a lot of experience with anything involving residential fences. This includes installation and maintenance for any model fence that you have on your property. We will come out to your property, survey the area, and come up with options that would be ideal to use on your type of land. We offer free estimates and complete all of the work from start to finish as we do not contract our work to other contractors. There are many styles of fences to choose from including vinyl, wooden and aluminum fencing. Our wooden fences come in many different types such as cedar, oak, chestnut and pine depending on your preference. There are literally dozens of options to choose from.


We provide many different services regarding brand new and older fences. If you are a new home owner and are looking to protect your property, installing a fence is a good theft prevention measure. We install complete sets of fences around your property in a timely manner. If you have an older fence that has seen its better days, we can repair fences to look brand new. This sometimes calls for painting or pressure washing your fence and our prices are the lowest in the area. Please consult our services page to find out everything that we can do for you and your fence.

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